Trust and Faith


“Those who pass through the Valley of Thorns,
into a wellspring they transform it. It becomes cloaked by the rain.” Psalm 84:7

Thinking about this yesterday when I was dealing with a 23 year old so so depressed and acutely distressed about their own life circumstances that they had attempted suicide. Wondering why I have so much joy and so much hope even when I am looking straight in the face of such sadness and am dealing with people in these circumstances. And how powerful this gift of hope can be communicated to others.

And realizing the strength mentioned in Psalm 84. That going through the vital life giving experience of the Dark Night, the Valley of Thorns brings strength. And that this strength, actually a gift from God, becomes “cloaked by the rain” – further blessed by God, by the One Who caused the pain and the Dark Night in the first place, by the One Who has the power to cause miraculous things to occur in this world, by the One in Whom the natural world and the world of miracles are hardly separate and can cross these boundaries at any time, as He pleases.

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