“Is confession a matter of much time or expense? Is it a difficult or painful remedy? I assure you without cost or hurt the measure is ever ready to restore you to perfect health.” St John Chrysostom

“I said, I will confess my sins to God and He forgave the guilt of my sin .  Therefore let all the faithful pray to You so that the rising of the mighty waters may not reach.” Psalm 32

Someone asked me recently pondering a life changing decision.  I encouraged him to go to confession to make sure his mind would be clear and unencumbered, so that he could focus on the meaning of the life right in front of him.  Not a life clouded by the world.  Then on my way home I realized I had some time to go so I went.  I don’t believe he went, but I’m so glad I did.  I prayed for him and his decision appears to be blessed.    

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