“All who call upon Me I will answer.” Psalm 91:15

“In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” Proverbs 3:6

I thought it was silly at the time.  Had a friend who prayed for a good parking place.  How ridiculous, I thought.  I couldn’t believe that God had time to be concerned about whether my parking place was convenient and that I had to walk a little more.  So what.  But there it was.  Time and time again.  Just the right parking place.

So it really made me think and meditate on the nature of God and how much He cares and is involved in my every day.  And reading that by this verse in Proverbs that Solomon is saying that it is really God’s will that He wants and desires that I bring not just the big things to Him, but the little, mundane things as well. That He cares about me. That I trust Him in all my ways.

I read that the natural world is really a cover-up for the spiritual world, for the real world where miracles take place.


“All who call upon Me I will answer.” Psalm 91:15

Today, in my meditation, I am reminding myself of the wisdom here and the importance of emphasizing it in my life by continuing to read God’s Word.  Wondering how to remember the above statement, how to keep it in my mind.  How to trust.

In prayer this morning, praying Psalm 91 and just  wondering about God.  Then asked the question, “Who are You?”


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