“Raise high the lintels so the King of Glory may come in…”
-Psalm 24:7

I have been inspired in my own spiritual search by several of the world’s great spiritual directors. I learned to apply concepts from their teaching and found their works inspirational for my own growth. These directors include St. John of the Cross, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Augustine, St. Ignatius of Loyola, King David and others. I have learned the importance of addressing certain spiritual dilemmas through the experiences and searches of those who have been able to use the same dilemmas to grow and excel in life.

“My troubles are my precepts.”
-St. Augustine

This website is my humble attempt to help others raise their current conception and understanding of God’s work, When we were children, we had to be weaned from our mothers. Similarly, “the darkness” calls us to grow and excel.

This is where this website begins. Not in the first stages of spiritual growth, but in the darkness.

I am here to coach others in their spiritual progress through the evening, darkness, dawn and, eventually, the bright daylight.  I am here to hopefully help lead you into ways to have a deeper relationship with God.

 How does this work?

ASK ME A QUESTION or CONTACT ME and we will identify spiritual coaching goals. We will then work on a plan to increase understanding and awareness and ways to promote a connection with your own Christian community. Services are purchased simply and efficiently online with a credit card.  For more information on me and my qualifications, please visit the ABOUT MY SITE page

Once an email request for coaching services is received, inquiry and consent forms are forwarded. Payment may be made through a donation on this website.

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